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Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber): Teva UK Ltd and Others v Gilead Sciences Inc.

JUDGMENT OF THE COURT (Grand Chamber) (Reference for a preliminary ruling — Medicinal products for human use — Treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) — Originator medicines and generic medicines — Supplementary protection certificate — Regulation (EC) No 469/2009 — Article 3(a) — Conditions for obtaining — Concept of a ‘product protected by a basic patent in force’ — Criteria for assessment) In Case C‑121/17, REQUEST […]

Digital Marketing Haiku, Because Why Not?

I got way over-caffeinated today and started scribbling down haiku about digital marketing. Then I asked my team if they had ideas. The results were, um, fascinating. Here’s what happens when 30 marketers try to write poetry: Employment Poetry Degree Find a real job? No way. Start marketing gig You demand volume “Shower the web with content” Print your resume […]